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The greatest threat to effective communication, profitability, and simply getting things accomplished well is often the inability to build cohesive teams. Using "Five Behaviors of a Cohesive

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Team" with Wiley Assessments, along with Knowledgeworkx' 3 Colors of Worldview, we help existing and potential team members make the journey to establishing trust, building a 3rd Cultural Space in which to achieve mutual goals, and equipping members with tools like Lean Six Sigma to help identify and prioritize progress.

Whether you are an NGO, a government leader, or a private businessman, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible through our consulting and workshop experiences.

Workshops Currently Booking:

                                    •       Intercultural Intelligence & 3 Colors Worldviews

                                    •       Faith, Culture, and Business: Leveraging for Success

                                    •       Understanding Faith & Culture for NGOs

                                    •        5 Behaviors of A Cohesive Team

                                    •        Wiley Behavioral Assessment Service (available now through Knowledgeworkx)

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